Become a data-driven facility.

Mero brings real-time analytics to your facility with smart sensing technology.

Know when servicing is needed before your customers do.

Mero’s sensors install into a building’s existing dispensers, saving you time and money.


Save Money

Labour, ordering of new product, and staff scheduling is optimized, saving on operational costs.

Stay Green

Supplies can be changed right before a roll is empty, meaning no more wasted supplies.

Keep Customers Happy

Cleaners get high priority alerts, so building patrons never find an understocked restroom.


For cleaners

Intuitive SMS alerts right to a cleaners phone.

Cleaners can plan their routes based on traffic, rather than routine.  Work smarter, not harder.


For managers

Powerful A.I. powered insights for managers.

Eliminate manual cleaning logs, view employee performance and predict when restrooms need cleaning.  Operate your facility seamlessly.

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